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Based in North Hollywood, California, Gaspar’s Fine Architectural Metal Works fabricates custom architectural and ornamental elements for designers, sculptors and architects. With more than 50 years trade experience, we provide premium quality metal workmanship to the leaders in interior and exterior design.

As a family owned and operated business, we place the client first and pride ourselves on delivering products that exceed expectations. No matter how large or complex a project, Gaspar’s has an unblemished track record of delivering within budget and schedule. For your next custom fine metalworking project, call us for a courtesy quotation.


In August 1989, Gaspar Gasparyan, a professional metal sculptor, founded the business and brought on his son, Artur, as a part-time worker and protégé.

He named the company “Gaspar’s Copper Artistry,” as the primary metals he worked with were copper and copper alloys. Six years later, in 1995, he changed the company name to “Gaspar’s Fine Architectural Metal Works” to emphasize his association with architectural work and his use of a wider range of metals.

Some of his first commissions were the fabrication of statues, fountains, lighting fixtures, doors and door handles, range hoods, decorative grills, fireplace screens and mantels, handrails, moldings, architectural signs and letters, tables, planters, ashtrays for hotel lobbies, and many other decorative, ornamental items specified by designers and architects.

Artistic Background
As a young man, Gaspar Gasparyan received private training in his native country, Armenia, where the tradition of working with copper and copper alloys has a heritage thousands of years old. He began working in the fine metal industry at the age of 25, beginning with the fabrication of ornamental bed frames, but his dream was finally realized when he began working with architects, sculptors, and designers to make hammered copper statues, “copper repoussé,” ranging in height from two to fifty feet.

In 1980, Gaspar and his family left Armenia and immigrated to the United States. Despite the difficulty of learning a new language, he began working for small companies, and at the same time rented a small garage for creating and building his ideas to present to the outside market. As he worked with experienced architects and designers here, he also developed some new techniques in metal fabrication.

Artur Gasparyan began working for his father at the age of 17 as an apprentice, and in the beginning, Artur had the responsibility of making contacts with new clients. His father trained him to present the projects in a professional and technical manner, and at the same time, Artur continued to help his father with fabrication work at the shop.

While they continue to work together, in the tradition of a family owned and operated business, Mr. Gasparyan has turned over the reigns to his son, Artur. Today, Artur manages every aspect of the business and oversees each project to ensure that workmanship meets his father’s exceedingly high standards of quality and aesthetics. With more than 20 years experience in custom metal fabrication, Artur is more than qualified to lead Gaspar’s to a new level of expansion and technical excellence.


For those thinking of commissioning us to create a custom architectural or ornamental metal fabrication, it helps to understand a little about our process; from order to completion, the process can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

– Client contacts us and details the requirements of the project
– We receive project designs and drawings from the client
– We provide client with a free quotation based on their needs and the size of the project
– nce the estimate is approved, we proceed with transforming the project drawings into precise Computer Assisted Design files
– We order the necessary raw materials
– Our craftsmen fabricate the piece and hand-assemble it
– Any finishes or polishes are applied to the piece at this stage
– If the piece is to be replicated, we will proceed with full production until all units are complete
– We deliver the final product to the contractor, or install it for him, depending on the client’s needs

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